It should be noted that clinicians have identified the manifestation of such a localization site in hypertension.

In some cases, there may be a headache in the back of the head.

Attacks of migraine pain are common. In this case, the following clinical picture is observed

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The most common tension headache has the following characteristics: marked in the forehead, occiput and temporal regions; is aching in nature, there is a feeling of compression of the forehead with a hoop; discomfort is long in time. In addition to these signs, tension headache can have additional symptoms that are due to the person's condition: Cluster headache is most common in men. The clinical picture in this case is as follows: one-sided nature of the pain (headache in the forehead or temple area, often radiates to the neck area); short-term pain - no more than 5 minutes; attacks 5-6 times a day. It should be noted that such attacks can be so severe that painful shock can develop. Such headache symptoms require immediate medical attention.

Post-traumatic cephalalgia or injuries of the cervical spine; vascular pathologies in the head and neck area; intracranial pathology; long-term use of certain medications or abrupt refusal of medications; infectious or viral ailments; symptomatic, which are caused by diseases of the respiratory tract, oral cavity (for example, severe toothache can provoke a headache in the temples and give it to the eyes and ears). However, it should be said that each type of cephalalgia has its own characteristic features. In general, the following symptoms can be distinguished: general weakness; irritability; photophobia; deterioration or complete lack of appetite.

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In such cases, only a doctor should prescribe treatment, taking into account not only the general clinical picture, but also the pathogenesis of the underlying ailment. Additional signs of the clinical picture will depend on the etiology of the disease that provoked this symptom.

Secondary types of cephalalgia include those that are the result of a certain pathological process or mechanical impact (shock, injury). In general, the following factors can be distinguished.

throbbing pain with increasing intensity; pain is more often concentrated in one half of the head; pain that gets worse from walking or any activity; painful sensitivity to light; nausea.

According to the international classification ICD-10, headache is divided, depending on the etiology, into two groups: tension headache (neuralgia of the occipital type, overstrain of the neck muscles, psychosomatics); various types of migraine (in this case, nausea joins); cluster headache or cluster headache.

In addition, headache during pregnancy is often observed, which is due to changes in the functioning of the body and an increase in the load on some systems. It should not be forgotten that a headache from overexertion, overwork or lack of sleep is possible. In this case, you should simply review your regime and make the appropriate adjustments. Otherwise, the development of concomitant diseases is possible.

It should be noted that these are not all etiological factors in which cephalalgia is observed. In any case, if a person is worried about frequent headaches, you should consult a doctor, and not take medications on your own. It is likely that this symptom is one of the signs of the clinical picture of a certain ailment. Ignoring this factor can lead not only to the development of complications, but also to death.

A sharp change in weather conditions; SARS, flu; excessive physical activity; starvation; stress, nervous strain; trauma; hypokinesia; osteochondrosis of the cervical spine; chronic pathologies of the sinuses of the nose - sinusitis, sinusitis.

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Headache is a common symptom of a non-specific nature, which manifests itself in the form of a painful sensation of a different nature in the head area, often radiating to the neck. It is impossible to ignore such a pathological process, since it can be a sign of the development of a life-threatening ailment. It should be noted that such a condition can be provoked by any ailment, in the pathogenesis of which there is an effect on the pain receptors of the human body. Periodic and short-term occurrence of such a symptom is not always a reason to see a doctor, while frequent headaches require immediate medical attention.

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Try to follow the regime. Eat at about the same time, 3-6 times a day, in small portions. Get enough sleep, go to bed and wake up at the same time, exercise regularly or exercise regularly. Avoid stress whenever possible. Headaches are often the result of fatigue, tension, and emotional distress. If you smoke, it is recommended that you quit this habit as soon as possible. Smoking can provoke or exacerbate them.

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For any type of headache, it is recommended to keep a special diary. This will help identify the most common causes of headaches. In the diary, you need to enter information about meals, sleep patterns, physical activity, work and household chores. Women also need to record their menstrual flow. changes in hormonal levels can also affect headaches. To prevent headaches, avoid any triggers that you can identify with your journal.

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Children should not be given acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) because its use can lead to a dangerous condition called Reye's syndrome (hepatocerebral syndrome). Try to relax, rest, or sleep in a dark, quiet environment, keeping your head up. Apply a cool compress to your scalp for pain relief. Take a cool shower. Massage your neck and shoulder muscles. Frequent or very intense headaches require medical attention. Only a doctor will be able to accurately determine the cause of the headaches, if necessary, conducting additional examinations. The doctor will prescribe the appropriate treatment, and in some cases will offer hospitalization for a detailed examination and selection of therapy.

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Do specific relaxation exercises. Ask your doctor to show you these exercises. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as acetylsalicylic acid, paracetamol, or ibuprofen for pain relief. However, they should not be overused. Too frequent use of such drugs can lead to the so-called rebound effect, and headaches will recur.

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If the headache is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, if the pain is very sharp or sharp, if the headache is accompanied by fever and stiff neck muscles (inability to press the chin to the chest) or weakness of the arms and legs or their numbness, difficulty speaking, blurred vision, uneven gait, then immediate medical attention is required.
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If you have rare headaches that do not cause much discomfort, you can manage them yourself. It is recommended to see a doctor for recurrent headaches, for headaches that have appeared after a head injury in the past 18 months, and for severe headaches that last more than 3 days.
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About 20% of people suffering from migraine see bright spots or flashes of light just before the onset of another headache attack. These symptoms are called an aura. Some people experience a surge of strength and energy before a migraine attack. In most cases, migraines require professional diagnosis and medical attention. See your doctor and discuss your treatment. Your doctor may prescribe medication to relieve pain.
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Learning to relax through meditation, hypnosis, music, video, and stress management techniques can help prevent tension headaches. constant acute pain in the eye area, often recurring at the same time of day; redness of the eye, watery eyes, and nasal congestion (on one side of the face); swelling of the eyelids.